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If you're new to Worldpay Within, you can download the SDK in any of these languages and begin testing:

An experienced user

If you're familiar with how Worldpay Within works, and have used the SDKs before, you can find out more in our Advanced section:

  1. How it works
  2. Architecture
  3. Internal structure
  4. Sample service messaging
  5. API Specification

Useful terms

Terms we're using in our SDKs and docs.

Term Definition
API Application Programming Interface
Worldpay Worldpay Online Payment API, https://online.worldpay.com/
HCE Host Card Emulation
HTE Host Terminal Emulation
HTTPS HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure
IoT Internet of Things
P2PE Point to Point Encryption
TLS Transport Layer Security
UUID Universally Unique Identifier
RPC Remote Procedure Call